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    • Today, Cortana decided to help me manage my time better. Admittedly I'm not the best time manager in the world, but scheduling my day for me seems a bit much. Pretty soon it will be assigning my sleep period, my eating period, my working period and my leisure period. I'm beginning to wonder who the boss is these days, me or Cortana...

    • When Cortana suggests, “Schedule time to Cake,” do what it tells you. 😉

      My productivity hack at work, which I’ve been able to get away with for three years now, is to set daily reminder alarms in Outlook to check my email. There’s an hour to an hour and a half between reminders.

      I am so much more productive and focused as a result, especially when there’s a new group email that previously would’ve resulted in a bagizillion “New Reply” notifications overwhelming my screen and concentration.