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    • Thank you for starting this much-needed discussion of the episode! I was on the edge of my seat last night.

      Euron is the worst! Poor Rhaegal.

      Although an astute reddit commenter pointed out that if he has any common sense at all, he would wonder why Tyrion was saying Cersei should think of the baby - how would Tyrion know about any baby?

      I also was struck by the sheer amount of crossbow imagery in the episode - from Bronn showing up to menace Tyrion and Jaime with a crossbow and essentially blackmail them until the conflict wraps...

      To the sheer amount of Ballistas (aka "scorpions) positioned around King's Landing (is it just me, or did they seem to reload them unrealistically quickly)?

      I am excited to see the Hound and Arya on the road again, though. Not to hard to guess where they're headed, but wonder what they'll do when they get there?

    • One thing which I dislike about this season is the world building. The continent has just been attacked/ravaged by the Night King, the greatest and treat to everyone living in westeros and really see what's happening at Winterfell.

      In previous seasons you would have more prospective outside of the small group of many characters.

      For events that are meant to be affecting a place as big as a continent, the eventspicier seem to be centred on one or two places and everyone else is just living like it ishould a normal Wednesday

    • Thanks for this write up, well done. I'm not one to write negative reviews but wow I hated that episode. It was so bad, it's painful.

      The death of the dragon was such a joke, they really made no attempt at hiding their lack of effort. A dragon that flies around the world is attacked by surprise when it makes a left turn and there is a fleet of boats coming around what is essentially a large boulder? Pretty sure the dragon and uh "pilot" Daenerys would have seen them coming from a very long distance.

      0/10 effort. This show is basically over in my opinion.

      I think we're left with the fact that Daenerys probably needs to die, along with Cersie, Jamie probably goes too and we're left with Jon Snow.

      Eventually the cream rises to the top even if Jon Snow is essentially a 6th round draft pick. Kind of like Tom Brady and the Patriots.

      P.S someone should probably write about the personality traits that make Jon Snow a good leader and why we need more politicians like him.