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    • Glad you liked that- Mystics are outside our lines and willing to be wrong-

      The law of being is impressioning our subconscious mind and from that material reality proceeds- we mimic our Origins and have similar creative abilities.

      I really like Neville Goddard’s way of looking at things- poetic, intuitive and intersting insights.

      You mentioned unconditioned potential, one could argue that exists because in a layer above is unconditional love.

      Human forms of Love are conditional- yet we sense something greater and have long strived to towards things seemingly beyond us.

      Are we making things up? In reality we are making every ‘thing’ up-

      I do ‘believe’ we are more than our material selves. More than we know-

    • As much as I'd love it to be true, I don't think so. I have been thinking for the past few days on and off about this topic. My belief is based on observation, and logic, both of which can be flawed. I think we are biological machines, like a computer with memory and cpu (brain) and peripherals (our body and senses). What we call consciousness cannot evade its own self, we can't see ourselves from the outside, or can we? If that were the case, then yes, enough advanced technology could replicate our "soul" and we could live forever minus the perishable body.

      What I think we are totally missing, is the extreme and very little understood or utilized power of our own subconscious. That is where I think we should focus to grow, and where a true revolution will happen for the human kind.

    • Good points made, there are solid ways of looking at this from varying perspectives- I agree with you on the subconscious mind - how we impression ‘it’ (personally and collectively) determines/influences our lives.