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    • I just got a chance to watch these and they were so moving.

      I didn't always agree with Obama, and I definitely didn't agree much with Bush, but they were both presidents who respected the office. They also both were caretakers of the nation and all the people who live here (not just their base).

      Not only that, they also represented what "good" is supposed to look like in the world.

      Yes, failures happened, especially in regard to the many wars in the Middle East. But this isn't about that or the other mistakes right now, this is about who we are as a nation, and what our core values are.

      These leaders give us a glimpse into the not so long ago past that seems like a life time ago. A past with people who respect each other as people first and foremost.

      A past where our differences could animate a debate and spark an idea, instead of dividing us with empty fear baited rhetoric.

      I yearn for the leaders of tomorrow, and I hope they reflect the leaders of yesterday more than the "leaders" of today.

    • I’ve been loving the photos circulating from this friendship. Two opposing sides of the political world, but a clear fondness for each other. ☺️