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    • Kindle. 😄

      As much as I enjoy the physical attributes of books (the smell of old well-loved paperbacks, the cover art, the dog-eared pages...) I just can't get over how much more convenient ebooks are. Easier to buy, easier to read, easier to take with me.

      I do still buy hardback copies of my most cherished books when I can, but more as keepsakes than to read.

    • Frederique!!! ❤️So great to have you here.

      My wife is all about the hardcovers, my kids are all about the Kindles, and I am all about the audio books. 🤷‍♂️I have a few teen friends who say they experimented with the electronic trend but paper is where it's at.

      For me audio books were a necessary evil for awhile because I couldn't read while running or biking, and I do a lot of running and biking. But gradually I grew comfortable, and then came to love them. Sometimes I listen at 1.25x speed or even 1.5x. I often remember some passages that stick with me by the intonation of the person reading the book and the particular hill I was climbing as I heard the passage.

      I am totally engrossed in this one at the moment:

    • When books were released in hard back a few months before the paper back edition, I bought a lot of hard backs. I was too impatient to wait for the cheaper paperback.

      Now I buy e books, the kindle voyager sits in my pocket everywhere I go and I can read a few chapters in a coffee shop or in work when things are quiet.

    • Definitely paper for me between paper and hardcover. Paper is so much easier to read in bed, I feel like I need a table to read a hardcover.

      That being said, I'm definitely on the Kindle and Audible train.

    • given the question at hand I go paperback and I agree it’s much easier to read in many different positions. I’ve recently been reading the hobbit to my 7 year old a chapter a day (we are at 16!)

      I will start usually laying in one position and end up in 4 different positions before the chapter is through.

      I do prefer hard cover if it’s going on a book shelf or something, but I agree I tend to read a hard cover on a flat surface.

    • I like hardcover for books I cherish and for art books (which is most of my physical library). It’s almost like a collector’s item on the shelf. But paperback is a more pleasant format to actually sit down with IMO.

      I do try to stay digital if possible, because of trees.

    • I like paperback. Ebooks are slowly taking over. Paper is great because they’re easily shared-when I finish, I leave the book where someone can find it.

      Gonna try audible books again. Books on tape was a godsend for the long commute. Plus, several of us would share making an almost constant stream of books.

    • I listen to a LOT of audiobooks -- switched from Audible to to support indie booksellers -- but in the old paperback vs. hardback debate, I'm annoyingly centrist: I like trade paperbacks. They're less bulky and hard-edged than hardbacks, but the cover-to-fatness ratio tends to make them slimmer, so easier to carry in a messenger bag!

    • Paperback for me since they are easier to carry around. I know I won’t be popular for saying this but I actually like cracking the spine of a paperback and knowing it has been well read 😊. Plus what’s with the jackets on hardbacks? Am I supposed to keep that on? Take it off? They just get in the way 😂.