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    • True confession time here... I have not read this book yet, first time I have heard of it. But I am happy to see there is verification for one of my strong beliefs, reading aloud is wonderful.

      I love reading to children. Before I even had children of my own I loved reading to children. My home is filled with lots of children's books and I am so glad to have them. Visiting children love to look at the titles and pick one for reading. And I am happy to read aloud at the slightest indication it would be appreciated. I enjoy dramatizing and acting out, changing voices, etc. even though I am not that great at it. Children are such great audiences. The sillier I am the more they love it.

      Dr. Seuss is one of our favorites, of course. We have all of his books, even his adult ones. Check those out if you are surprised, but he has books with cartoons, Lady Godiva, etc. You can find a Dr. Seuss book for almost any age. Another favorite is Bill Peet. He has such appropriate and still entertaining messages in his books.

      Anyone want to share some of their favorite read aloud books?

    • This is so heartwarming and affirming to hear! I'll have to get this book for my sister who is a master of reading aloud, and read aloud to me quite a bit as we were growing up.

    • The only time I've read aloud was sometimes in the 1970's. My granny born in 1903 wasn't fortunate to have had any education and couldn't read. Over my summer vacations spent there, she insisted I kept reading the Bible some days to her and a group of women, her gossip friends. Hahahaa... I really wasn't getting much out of it then, but now think I wish could see myself then, with today's eyes, perhaps even a change of profession. LOL!

    • I LOVE reading aloud to kids!! I put on all kinds of voices and make scary noises and it's just so much fun. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my fav to read. Kids love over dramatization.

      There's a YouTube channel of actors/actresses who read children's books that inspires me. Here's Lily Tomlin. So good!

    • When my siblings and I were very young we lived in Japan for a few years. Dad was in the Air Force and was stationed there. Since it was impractical for Grandma to come visit us, she recorded herself reading children's books and mailed us tapes.

      Almost every night we'd pop in one of Grandma's tapes and fall asleep to her comforting voice reading Dr. Seuss or something, and then she didn't feel so far away. I don't remember what my favorite was, or if I had a favorite, but I do remember how much I enjoyed getting to hear her voice every night as I drifted off to sleep.

    • That video (and the sequel) are Halloween staples at our house!

      Also, we solicited picture books read aloud as mp3 files from extended family before an epic cross country summer road trip and our kids are still listening to them 5 years later and it’s helped as we’ve lived far from family. Not other-side-of-the-world far, though. 😉

      Our dinners usually include at least one book because we have a captive audience! I think many people stop reading aloud when their kids can read for themselves but they are missing out on powerful shared experiences.

      Heck, my husband reads to me for date nights sometimes! (The Princess Bride was a huge favorite, and we have also read some Brandon Sanderson, poetry, and others.)