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    • jazure

      This little border collie is my partner in crime...

      He is a little bit psycho, very snuggly, loves to swim and play frisbee :)

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Oh... If you ever need someone to dog-sit... He lives with you on your boat?

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Wow, I never knew border collies are used to plant forests after fires devastate an area. They’re trained to spread seeds and apparently they’re really good at it. Source.

    • kevin
      Kevin Harrington

      What a wonderful portrait! I'm more inspired to take great pics of my border collie pup after seeing your photo.

      This is Allie. That's her at 9 weeks. She's 21 weeks old now.

    • adam

      What a great looking dog!

      I met a person while walking around today who told me he had his border collie for 20 years!

    • kevin
      Kevin Harrington

      Absolutely insane, had no idea a dog ever lived that long.

      4 months in and I'm more attached to my pup that I ever thought I'd be. 🤞

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