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    • UPS just bought 3 from Peterbilt/Toyota and apparently Nikola fuel-cell semis are really selling — 800 to Budweiser?!

      Elon calls fuel cells fool cells. I don't understood why car companies are so devoted to fuel cell cars when they don't sell, there are few fueling stations, and electrics (at least from Tesla) are so popular.

      What I didn't know is that it feels very different in the truck world where fuel cells seem to be off to a very strong start, apparently dominating Teslas efforts. Apparently, these trucks can get 300 miles range with hydrogen, which is enough since they do the same route every day so a large fueling infrastructure isn't needed?

    • In its most sustainable form, hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles is generated through electrolysis, with electricity as the input. The great news is that in this form, both battery electric vehicles and sustainably-produced hydrogen comes from electricity and can be powered by solar, wind, or other renewables. The downside is that no matter how you slice it, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles hover around the 40% efficiency mark, leaving a bit to be desired to say the least

      There must be a financial gain promoting this kind of less efficient technology push.. I think. here we go again with the "free" market forces.. lol

    • I imagine refueling time for big rigs is a whole different ballgame than cars. They must have enormous batteries so charging times are very long and a truck not rolling is money. The biggest difference between fuel cell power and purely electric is refueling time. UPS must have done the math and concluded that waiting for big rigs to recharge is too expensive.