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    • I'm updating my portfolio & trying to edit & cull as much as possible. Lately I've been really curious about genres so I'd like to ask you what makes:
      - An architecture photo?
      - A landscape photo?
      - A travel photo?
      - A street photo?

      What genre do you think this photo falls into?

      Or does any of this even matter?

    • It matters to you or you wouldn't ask the question. It all depends on what you're trying to do with your work I suppose. To me, this is a travel photo, it tells the story of place and time.

    • Thank you. It's two buildings on Alcatraz Island. The taller one is the lighthouse. The other is the burned-out remains of the warden's mansion.

    • Some architecture is timeless. I don't think it's easy to fit all photos into specific categories though. I go back again to asking yourself what you want to convey with the image, what story are you telling, what do you want the viewer to see and feel? OR bigger question even still - what made YOU take the shot, what is the WHY of this image? (I hate that question, it's hard to answer but I think it pushes us to take better photos.)