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    • For those who are not rail fans, y'all probably weren't aware that Union Pacific rebuilt the biggest of steam locomotives of all time and took it on tour.

      As a fan of, well, anything that is propelled in some way or another (and many things that aren't) I wanted to share the story and a video of this beast and see what other people think.

      What do you suppose the cultural significance of bringing this piece of history back to life? Like the electric Porsche 912 conversion in another thread, is converting a coal fired locomotive to fuel oil taboo? Is this just a silly hobby or serious business?

      The whistle makes me smile every time I hear it.

    • Oh my God you made my day. It’s such a big part of history and such a magnificent feat of engineering. I knew nothing about it despite being a fan of trains and riding one every chance I get. That article was great but I found myself needing more, so I found this showing how they transported it for restoration. Fantastic.

      Some photographer shot a badass photo of the team that spent 2.5 years restoring it:

    • I think it's a priceless part of our history and the fact that they could put it on tour across the nation is fabulous. Just think what a vital part of our nation's history is a result of trains. It's hard to imagine.

    • When I was a little girl my dad, an avid photographer and train buff, foresaw the demise of steam locomotives and tried to photograph as many as possible. I spent a good chunk of my childhood stomping around rail yards with my dad. I have his 16 mm footage of TWO Big Boys on parallel tracks going up the continental divide in 1957 or 58 (I was born in '55). When 4014 came through Palestine, Texas last fall (2019) I drove 3 hours to see it and it was an emotional day, remembering my daddy and a great part of our history. I felt like my dad was there with me. I get emotional every time I see a great locomotive, especially videos of the Big Boys.