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    • Since the whistleblower complaint was released, I have received several texts and mostly e-mails from not just Democrats (which I subscribe to and am cool to hear from), but also Republicans. The funny thing is the Republican e-mails aren’t addressed to me. They’re addressed to my sister, who is a conservative. I’ve gotten e-mails from Devin Nunes’ camp, Jim Jordan’s camp, Newt Gingrich’s camp, and many others. I’ve done my best to flag these e-mails as spam, but they send out so many that my spam filter can’t catch all of them. Also, I’ve found them to be somewhat amusing, so when they do come through, I kind of chuckle. 

      Anyways, I was just curious to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. Anyone else seen a rise in texts and e-mails? Also, any thoughts on how effective these messages are? I can only speak for myself when I say that they haven’t done anything to change my mind. But perhaps they’re accomplishing something. 

    • I have had fun replying to the texts. The e-mails I don’t reply to. But to the texts I’ll say things like “Trump has to go! We can’t have an orange turd in the White House!” They never reply back. LOL 😂