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    • I was in Manchester, NH last weekend to facilitate and participate in a 3-day training session. Even though it wasn't that far from home, I stayed in Manchester for the weekend.

      Saturday morning's start time gave me time for an early morning exercise walk. I headed out planning an out-and-back walk since I wasn't familiar with the area. That worked - but since I have trained myself to always look for interesting things (no matter where I am wandering), I had to stop to enjoy some paintings on the walls of an alley.

      The subject matter was cats!

      I love this beautiful creature hanging out in a window with a cup of tea or coffee.

    • I think I need to return with my camera. The area along the Merrimack River (downtown) contains old mill buildings repurposed into offices and housing. And after seeing the wonderful wall of cats, I'm wondering if there are other buildings in the area that wear murals.

      I found a page on Cat Alley:

      and information on the Manchester, NH mural program:

      I'm lucky that Manchester isn't too far from home.

    • Oh, you're right - I will check that when I return with my camera. I only grabbed a few photos Saturday morning - the cats deserve more! But of the whole wall, the cat in the first photo I posted is the one that really grabbed me.

    • I love these catches of yours Denise, I haven't wandered down alleys lately I must think about returning to some locally again in hopes of finding something new.

      Not exactly grafitti, but I found it funny just the same. A gas station on my return from Texas. I love the humor - at least I THINK it was humor........