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    • One example I can think of is modding in the Android community. Back in the day modding Android phones was really popular to add-on unique features to Android which Google (or smartphone manufacturers) didn't. Now though, Android has matured so much and many of these features which were unique to modded Android are now part of the mainstream Android experience after Google picked them up. So the modding community has become rather quiet compared to a few years ago. I myself stopped modding my phone a few years ago after I felt the effort to do so no longer justified the additional benefits of modding.

    • Yep. Haven't flashed a ROM on a phone in years.

      Similar experience with wireless networks. Used to spend hours hanging around roofs, pointing antennas at neighbouring buildings, flashing routers, organising links, all to create neighbourhood co-op wireless networks. Not any more, fiber optics FTW.