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    • Local woman walks through river bed as water level remains quite low in the beginning of spring season up in Karakoram mountain range in Hunza, Pakistan. It was fascinating to witness beauty of nature in such a big scale, while locals battle with harsh environment on daily basis. This region has highest literacy rate in Pakistan and people are happiest too :D

    • Awais, how great to see you here all the way from Pakistan! Your photos are always stunning and interesting because so few of us can get to Pakistan and see the things you see. I hope you'll post more. 😍

    • Incredible shot. The scale is crazy. I first thought I was looking at a closeup of a beach or river shore. Having the woman in the shot gives it great context. Not many places on this wonderful planet have landscapes that look like that. The Concordia confluence in the Karakoram is on my list of places to travel in the near term. Should I go? Please share more photos πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

    • Great photo but your paragraph caption was most interesting. Amerikans take for granted literacy or the lack thereof; in regions that are still quite polarized in regards to equality and human "rights", it was cool to hear that in this remote region literacy is high. And, the obvious result of communities being more harmonious in their educated mindsets.

    • Here is wide view of scene if you notice small stream of water where that woman was trying to cross. The hanging bridge was scary as hell, my tripod couldn't withstand strong wind in valley. The bridge is frequently used when its summer and river level is high. Passu cathedrals in background

    • Oh my God, Awais, what a shot. That bridge! And the mountains are so dramatic. It's so dramatic it looks like Ansel Adams went to Pakistan.

    • Awais, you know I love your color images, but these monochromatic images are wonderful as well.

      The solitary woman in the middle of a great expanse gives us a great sense of scale and scope.

      Similarly, the subject on the long foot-bridge, plus your description of the experience crossing that bridge, gives us a feel for the subject and the challenge that the bridge provides.

      Altogether very nice work and good job!

    • Thanks Ziggy, the valley offers variable colors through spring season as Apricot, Peach and walnut flowers start to blossom. Apart, there is abundance of Japanese devotees in season for what i learned their affiliation with apricot flowers and mountains. Here is first colorful tree which excited us with background of 7700m mount Rakaposhi, and old stone houses. Locals informed, the ancient silk route used to Pass through this point and these houses were starting point of a village. Later these stone compounds were also transformed into courts during British rule. Today they are used to shelter livestock.