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    • Net net, I am a fan and user of Godox on-board flashes. I have two of them and one was a recent upgrade to their TT685s (s = sony). I was gearing up from an announcement I think the end of 2018 about their S-R1 Adapter. What I thought was cool about this adaptor was now for portrait photos, you could use their AK-R1 round head studio kit that includes diffusers, reflectors, barndoors, snouts and more. AND, what I really like is that the major feature of the S-R1 adapter is that these attachments are implemented with metal chips in the accessories and the adapter has a magnetized ring. Works like a champ.

    • I have tried a multitude of other solutions and never quite impressed. As you can tell from this photo, I actually put the adapter upside down. LOL Not going to get very good TTL in this position. Maybe I was just trying to be

      I look forward to doing some portrait work with these accessories.

    • FWIW, I did my first shooting with this flash a couple of weeks ago. Shooting into some bright sun, it had enough horsepower to fill as it should.