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    • Q. Are they planning on any external attachment options for this bag besides the camera clip? How future proof is this design for their upcoming products? 
      A. I see these two questions as related, so I'm giving one answer. Please understand that Peak really doesn't make bags & accessories. Instead, Peak makes a system. All the bags & accessories are designed to work together. Your new bag will be very future proof, I assure you!

      Q. When I can pick which color of the bag I'll get? 
      A. I apologize, but I didn't get this answer. I'll keep working on it, though!

      Here's a picture of the new Peak Kickstarter bags & accessories in the store.

    • Also at Peak Design last night was a presentation by Hasselblad Master architecture photographer Swee Oh. The Hasselblad rep was there with these three sexy beasts: Two X1Ds & a 100 megapixel monster. I'm guesstimating there's about $85k worth of camera gear in this shot.

    • When I can pick which color of the bag I'll get? It wasn't clear from their Kickstarter page how to do so. Will they email me to pick the color right before the shipment date?

      Yeah, they'll email backers before shipping and you'll get to pick your color and optionally add discounted accessories. I've backed a few Peak Design campaigns, so I'm very familiar with the drill. 😉