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    • As a long time solo dude, I probably gave up celebrating holidays over 20 years ago. I barely blink when it is my birthday. And, for sure I turned off that obnoxious birthday announcement on Facebook. BUT, I really enjoy and feel it is strategic to do a ton of mailings at the end of the year which also aligns with the predominant Christmas holiday. I try and respect my Jewish friends and customers and even though I do not go to church, Christmas is just easiest to package for. So, every other year I drop the $$ and do a custom calendar, and I also do 1-3 versions of a very creative newsletter/card depending on the audience. I send this stuff out to existing customers and friends and prospective customers. Anyone that knows me know that I have a slightly twisted sense of humor and so that is part of my branding.

      This is a copy of my outgoing "corporate" card this year. (inside graphics)

      Any other freelancers feel this is a highly productive time to sent out stuff and what do you send out?

    • Also, since I am in the business of swag, this year I am sending out something pretty cool but definitely novelty. It looks like a matchbook but the "matches" are actually wildflowers seeds that you plant. The strategy for me is to end up on someones desk that notices my shit. LOL

    • Not a freelancer (yet?), but I know that most organization’s budgets end on December 31st, which means a promotion mailer that stands out in December can translate into an order paid by budget monies which need to be spent by year-end. A good promotion during the holidays could also keep you top of mind in January when they’re deciding on where to spend over the next six months.

      Very clever promo, btw. Definitely gained an admiring smile from me.