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    • Doctors have discovered a new organ consisting of a network of fluid-filled channels that may surround every tissue in the human body. It could contain a fifth of the body's total fluid volume.

      The network's role seems to be to act as a shock absorber to protect other organs. But there's also some evidence that it may help cancer cells spread to the lymphatic system.

      How amazing is it that we're still discovering entire new organs in our own bodies that we never knew were there?

      Update: We've been misled. Scroll down for details.

    • That will be an incredible find if this is found to be true. Interesting on so many levels. I'm going to do some more searching. Thanks for sharing!!

    • One of my absolute favorite classes in college was Anatomy. My professor had this passion for the human body that was infectious. He told us that one of his favorite things about the the body was that we are always continually learning about it. So many unknowns and things to discover.