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    • Personally I'm not bothered about an app on every device I use, on my phone (Android) I just created a shortcut to the page on one of the homescreens and it essentially works as an app.

      What does piss me off is the lack of rich text editing in any browser in Android, it's really annoying and just seems like a big yet simple omission at the same time!

    • Bummer! Hopefully the app will once again be available in the App Store, because I really like it! I think it’s been nice to have. Works well.

      Just wanted to leave that feedback. 😊

    • @S4-John @Eddieb You are both making a similar point, here. The website I cover Cal hoops at,, part of the network, has message boards. That's where all the action is and why people pay for a subscription. So that they can access the premium message boards and also read the premium content articles.

      Anyways, Rivals came out with an app, I dunno, a couple of years ago, and I gotta say, I much prefer accessing our message boards via the browser on my phone as opposed to the app. Part of it is what I'm just used to I'm sure, but the mobile version via the browser on my phone is much more sleek and comfortable than the app.

      At times, the app gets in the way, it sometimes redirects me to the app when I don't want it to. I understand Rivals is trying to get people on the app, but if you are going to redirect people there, the app better be good.

      So, the reason I bring this up is two reasons: #1. If/when Cake brings the app back, I think it's important to not force users who prefer to access Cake via their mobile browser to get on the app should they download it. I like that Cake makes a nice little invitation at the top of the mobile version to access the app if you have it, but you can continue on the mobile version no problem if you prefer to access via your web browser.

      #2. Apps are only worth something if they are user friendly and if have a feel simliar to what people experience on the actual website whehter it be mobile or desktop version. Especially with something like Cake that is all about generating a lot of user engagement and conversation. A clumsy app will drive people away. As I've said earlier, I feel the Cake app has been nice to have and isn't in that category at all.

      That said, I've also been able to have perfectly fine and engaging conversations on Rivals without the app, so in that vein, not having a Cake app for the foreseeable future shouldn't be a big deal for the site in terms of its growth and ability to attract new users.

    • Thank you. Honestly was expecting this many responses. The responses I am receiving with each post I make is a clear indication that Cake is better than Facebook in my opinion (so is MeWe to be honest).

    • That's a shame, I like the Cake app in the browser too. I am loving using Cake and if you had enough resources I would have loved if you were on of the first social apps to create a Cake app for Huawei's AppGallery, after all they are the number 3 App store.

      Maybe in the foreseeable future you may have it, but in the mean time I'll enjoy the web and mobile version of Cake.

    • I was just asking if there was any, don't get me wrong I don't mind it in the browser, but I was thinking maybe Cake can be the first social site to create an app for Huawei's AppGallery as it is the 3rd app store in the world. Then of course for App and Play stores.

    • Yeah, I’m actually using it right now since I’m still using an iPhone 7.

      It was released in 2019, but it hasn’t been updated to fit new iPhone devices and what not as @Vilen said. Hopefully in the future, Cake will have the resources to bring it back. It was/is very user friendly.

      That all said, it basically feels the exact same as the mobile/desktop version via browser so in that vein, you aren’t missing much. In the meantime, continue to enjoy Cake! 🎂

    • Thank you. I notice that Play and App stores are always preferable over Huawei's AppGallery. I wish more social sites and apps of any kind would create apps for Huawei's AppGallery especially for those who don't have Google Services and there are a ton of users that have the Huawei P40 models and above.

      Me having a Huawei P40 Pro phone myself honestly don't really mind if there isn't any Google services as I don't use Google that much anyway.

    • Makes sense! That’s good to know!

      I definitely think you are right that down the line, being friendly and open with Huawei is smart. Maybe Cake will become a big hit in China someday! 🇨🇳

      If that does happen, Cake will need to add the mooncake 🥮 to its list of possible reactions! 😀 🎂