I saw this short article on CNN this morning about the resoration of 19th century B&W images to color using DeOldify, a Linux Ubuntu based app that is available and also runs in a computer module at MyHistory and on Google.

The results of the software from Ireland seem quite good, remarkable even, as I see no attempt to tell the software what colors to choose from even.

Anyone here experimenting with this software yet? @Chris @Glenn_Smith or others??

Be aware, from my brief look at the software on the Google site, it requires one to sign in to google, and give them pretty extensive access to your computer - something I am reluctant to do as a computer novice....but the results of DeOldify can look quite amazing.

They are on Facebook too of course under Old Ireland in Colour, and a page of links at DeOldify which apparently has been available for over 3 years.