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    • Wow, Meghan these are fantastic portraits. Great work and thanks for sharing.

      I really like the soft light, but with dramatic shadows. The skin tones are so natural. I've found soft lighting to be the hardest part about lighting studio portraits. I'm curious what your setup is. How big and what is the placement of your softboxes?

      Have you considered adding light from behind so that hair stands out from the background? But that might not be the look you're going for.

    • This is EXCELLENT feedback! I have not printed any of these and I struggle with monitor calibration. I have never evaluated the numbers to make sure I am in a good realm for printing so this is super helpful! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Kevin! Great question- most of these are shot with an Elinchrom and a beauty dish with diffuser. Some are shot with an elinchrom with a very large octobox(I think like 70") and a scrim about a foot in front of the octobox to diffuse the light even further. I would love to try different lighting setups but have not yet found another configuration that I like more than these two so far. I have done a hair light on some of my subjects but the result was a little too "traditional" and I didn't love it.

    • Once upon a time I wanted to tell the story of my badass soccer-playing daughter came home muddy, so I quickly set up a makeshift studio in my living room and snapped this in an attempt to tell the story:

      I think those are the kinds of shots we remember most — the ones that tell a story and bring out someone's personality.