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    • I have a suggestion, I think it would be great to have the navigation controls at the top fixed so you dont have to continually scroll back to the top to find another topic as it gets tedious after a while, i do love the clean uncluttered design, It makes for very easy reading etcđź‘Ť

    • When you start scrolling down a little floating panel appears in the bottom-right corner that lets you skip back up to the top or bottom (or to unread posts in a conversation you've already looked at - I love this feature). I find it faster and easier to just hit the up button than to scroll back up. I'd rather have that than a smaller window for reading, especially on mobile.

      It might be nice to have a fixed panel when you're composing a new conversation, though.

    • JPP, do you use the back button? The team took a lot of care to make sure the back button works to take you back from whence you came and I'm not sure people are trying it because some sites have broken the back button with their UI (ahem, Google image search).

    • I haven't tried that but will now you mention it, Im a speed reader and time is important when you haven't got much time to waste, Making it easy to navigate is an important issue i think, I might add that i haven't found Flickr all that easy to navigate either🤔

    • OMG, thank you! I was starting to get annoyed with having to page up to get to the Red C home button.

      Does anyone remember when software came with big fat manuals you could read? I was definitely a geek who read them in hopes of becoming a power user—or at least discovering a cool feature that no one else knew about.