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    • I saw someone climb on one of these and zip away, and I thought oh man. Want! I checked on eBay and there are a few brands for sale like this one for around $1,700. That's actually what I paid for my electric skateboard, which I love.

      I often have to schlep to SF so I take the train and skateboard around SF. Trouble is, road construction, potholes, curbs, cracks in the sidewalks, cars who hate me on the street. So don't I need this? Please say yes. I could just put it on the bike car part of the train, right?

    • No thanks; not for me. If I hit just one good New England pot hole with that thing, I'd be singing soprano!

    • When I ride around here, it's the FIRST thing I think about due to the road conditions (inc. pot holes, sand, gravel, tar snakes, etc.). The very reason I wanted an ADV-style bike was that I was tired of having to constantly be vigilant of such road conditions on a street bike. On my GS I don't have to be on constant lookout for those things; what were once road "hazards" are now just extra fun!

    • Why is this bro one-wheeling through the ocean in leather and jeans in what appears to be some sort of apocalyptic hurricane? This seems like the culmination of a series of very bad decisions.

    • I would think you need a lot of self confidence to be seen riding one. I help put on a couple airshows each year and typically have a golf cart for running around to check on performers, security, food service, and all the millions of things that pop up during an event. A couple years ago there wasn't one available so a guy loaned me his Segway. Let me tell you, there's no way to ride one of those with any semblance of dignity or authority. If you don't believe me, have someone video you on one and see for yourself.