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    • The Atlantic just dropped a story about how Donald Trump secretly mocks his Christian supporters and makes fun of other religious groups. These weren’t all coming from anonymous sources. People went on the record to confirm these things. One individual who Trump made fun of is Mitt Romney for his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He specifically made fun of the undergarments that many members of the church, including myself, wear. I’m not surprised by it, but I do wonder how people in Utah who are members of the church can continue to support a man who has such a negative attitude towards their faith. 

    • And the Atlantic is believable? It also reported Trump put down those in the military who gave their lives defending our freedom in a situation that was proved by wittnesses to have never happened.

    • I dunno, he has so publicly criticized generals, war heroes, scientists, doctors, Muslims, Mexicans, former presidents, Meryl Streep, the CIA, Robert Mueller, the speaker of the house, reporters, allies, the post office, Amazon, women who complain about the behavior he brags about, the FBI, judges, Supreme Court justices, former Secretaries of State, attorney seems like it could be true.

      Even should one question the source one can always cross-check others.   The 
      author, Goldburg, of the article which claimed Trump slammed our militay is 
      on record for stating "he could be wrong" when FICO documents as well as other 
      wittnesses proved to contradict he reported occured what occurred.
      Coppins article (the one orginally referenced in the thread), combined with the 
      other Atlantic articles on their website lack impartiality regarding the present 
      administration.  Even in commentary it's expected what news is being spoken of 
      be truthful. 
      Which would be hard to do if the Atalantic's editorial board is actively
      endorsing Biden/Harris as they endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.