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    • This is why I call myself Photographer. I get to capture moments like this one. I’ve been going back in time lately going over my past shoots to see if I could improve upon pics. I’ve grown so much as a photographer and retoucher. I’m really happy with this picture.

    • Hey John,

      Love it, to do you feel about the little bit of shine on the forehead from your flash? I am currently processing a wedding I shot the other day and I used a puff of fill flash when I felt I had to—in the dark house, for example. And sometimes I got that shine. I get tempted to take out the soften skin brush or clone tool in areas like that and it's a pain.

      Is it temptest in a teapot and I should ignore?

    • I probably should have used the softening skin brush as well, but I did not want to over do it. Still processing old photos and will probably give it another go. Thanks Chris.