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    • Though Avengers: Endgame seems like the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, Marvel actually had another movie in mind, Spider-Man: Far From Home. With no further movies planned thus far, this will be the last MCU film we get for a while, perhaps for another year or two. This movie was great for a few reasons - it answered some questions we had after Endgame, it was a great sequel to Homecoming, and as a superhero movie in general, and a Spider-Man movie more specifically, it was really well done. Let's get into the nitty gritty of the movie. Spoilers ahead!

      Peter Parker grows up

      We've had many Spider-Man movies over the years, but I think Far From Home (FFH) captures Peter's struggle to balance both his teenage life and his secret identity the best. From the very beginning of the movie we see him abandoning his suit to go on holiday with his classmates, a clear sign that he needs a break from the superhero life. And when Happy tells him that Nick Fury needs to talk to him, he ignores his calls. All of them. Even after Fury gets a hold of him by hijacking his class trip, Peter still struggles between doing the superhero gig and sticking with his class (mostly because of MJ, more on this later). I think it's really great how we see Peter's reluctance throughout most of the movie as a complete opposite to his behaviour in Homecoming, where he couldn't wait to be a hero and an Avenger, to the point where he disobeyed Tony just to prove he was ready. Clearly the events of Endgame and the loss of Tony had a profound impact on Peter, and this was portrayed brilliantly in the movie.

      Speaking of Tony, my absolute favourite scene in the entire movie was Peter's heart to heart with Happy in the jet. Peter was broken. He was lost. And he didn't have Tony to look up to. Happy was right to tell Peter that he will never be the next Iron Man. That he will never live up to Tony. Tony always said that he wanted Peter to be better, and Happy's revelation that of all the decisions Tony made, the one decision he never doubted was trusting Peter, that was the pick-me-up Peter needed. That entire conversation was just, so pure and sincere. One of the most emotionally moving scenes in the MCU. And what came next was even better. The way Peter took control of the equipment to make his new suit, playing around with the holograms, exactly the way Tony used to, and Happy just looking at him with a smile. Man. That was a powerful scene. Peter may only be 16, but he matured immensely in this film.

      The new MJ

      One of Peter's love interests has always been MJ, and though we do have an MJ in the MCU, it's not the MJ we've come to know. This MJ is not Mary Jane, but Michelle. It's cool that we got to see a lot more of her in FFH compared to Homecoming, and I like this new MJ. She's not like the old MJ, but she's got her own charming personality to make a name for herself in the MCU. Hopefully we get to see more of her in the future.

      Another great MCU villain

      One constant weakness in the MCU has been weak and forgettable villains. Recently though things have improved. Hela, Killmonger, and for the second Spider-Man movie in a row, we have another great villain following in the footsteps of Vulture - Mysterio. As with all villains, their motivations are the key driving force behind their actions. People don't just go bad for no reason, and just like Vulture, Mysterio also felt wronged by Tony Stark. In fact, every person on his team was wronged by Tony Stark in some way, at least, that's what they believe. Mysterio may not have any powers, but his abilities to create illusions on such grand scales gave us some incredible action and cinematic sequences in the movie (not to mention the countless times he fooled Peter), and the fact that he did so using Stark tech is just perfect. A villain using the tech of a fallen hero? Doesn't get any worse than that.

      Answers for The Blip

      What we know as "the snap", the characters in FFH know as "the blip". Sounds silly, but what's great about it is that we finally have an answer for one of the biggest questions that have been lingering since Endgame. Those who were snapped away came back five years later un-aged, while those who survived the snap got five years older. So younger siblings are now older than their older siblings, and to the dismay of many of the students in FFH, they still have to go through high school as though the sna... as though the blip never happened. This was a smart way to address the five year time jump in Endgame.

      The mid- and post-credit scenes

      The last mid- and post credit scenes in the Infinity Saga. Both were rather huge, possibly the most significant combo in all the MCU movies. In the mid-credit scene, we see what Mysterio had planned just before his death. Not only did he frame Spider-Man for the attack in London (a nod to the recent socio-political fascination with fake news), he even revealed his secret identity!! Peter was one of the few heroes (or was he the only?) in the MCU who still had a secret identity, but now he doesn't. What this means for his future, we have no idea. How will this affect his friends and family? No idea. And we have to wait so long to find out! Ugh. On the bright side, J. Jonah Jameson is back!! And J.K Simmons is portraying him again! So perfect!

      The post-credit scene was a real shocker as well. Both Nick Fury and Maria Hill are Skrulls (if you don't know what a Skrull is, watch Captain Marvel)!! Well actually, they probably only took over from the real Fury and Hill in FFH, or at the very most, since the events of Endgame (Fury probably was at Tony's funeral). But that's not all, Fury was actually in space aboard a spaceship with a bunch of other Skrulls, hinting at the possibility of the formation of S.W.O.R.D in a future MCU film (maybe Captain Marvel 2?). We have no idea what the next MCU saga will be, but with Fury in space, anything is possible.

      Far From Home was a perfect way to end the Infinity Saga. We got some closure after Endgame, Peter has grown into his role as possibly one of the most important heroes in the MCU, and we got a huge taste of what could potentially be coming in phase four. It'll be a long wait until then though, so watch this movie and bask in all the superhero goodness of the final film in the Infinity Saga.

    • Love this! I posted this in response to @jpop in another thread, but thought it was worth re-sharing here:

      Also, that introduction homemade video montage was so perfect! I feel like nearly any highschooler has put together a video project using those types of Getty Images.

    • I really liked this movie. Saw it yesterday with my family. I thought it did a great job of blending humor with cool action shots and all the drama that we see in superhero movies. I liked it a lot. Great write up!

    • What a great recap. Just loved this movie as so did my son. This is #2 for me in the entire Spiderman franchise as the first one was so incredibly new to me. But this really was done well on so many levels!!