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    • Pretty fascinating chart. There’s an interactive version where you can hover if you have a mouse and see the top movies for each year:

      A tricky thing is the vertical axis varies by genre, making it hard to compare one genre to another. The data is from IMDB and I think it’s based on how many movies were released in the genre each year. I would have expected more growth in each genre over time.

    • Dramas

      What about dramas?  Where would you categorize these movies?


      Salmon Fishing in Yemen

      On Golden Pond

      Manchester by the Sea


      Compare and Contrast

      I did notice an inverse relationship over time between musicals and horror movies.  

    • IMDB touts themselves as 'the world's most popular and authoritative source for movies' - so it's safe to assume it includes international releases..

    • Interesting. IMDB shows the classification for movies and there were Room movies, one categorized as Thriller and one as Mystery (both also drama).

      Salmon Fishing was comedy & romance (also drama).

      On Golden Pond was just drama.

      Manchester was just drama.

    • As a horse lover I have always been a fan of Westerns. Sorry to see the lack of them now. But I guess people are just not interested in them. Personally I can't do Horror at all. I am not sure what Thrillers are.... would that be like the Bourne or Mission Impossible? Or are they Action? I would like to see more musicals made from Broadway shows for those of us who can't easily get to see a live performance.

    • I hear ya.. I don't know.. Westerns have a knack for 'come-backs' though.. so don't count them out just yet. And as long as the few that do make it to the big screen are good ones, that's all that matters I suppose. And the genres seem to be cross-pollinating anyway. For example, the highly successful Western-infused scifi series Westworld. An amazing piece of storytelling in my opinion. And it certainly has its dose of ominous thrills. But as for Bourne and MI, those can be defined as classic action flicks safe to say. Thrillers are more like crimes of passion or serial killer cop drama kind of stuff. But again thrillers can have action, and vice versa.. so these 'categories' are rather subjective and the results you should take with a grain of salt.. ツ

    • I will keep hoping for some good Westerns to show up. Especially if they have some gorgeous horses and handsome actors. Maybe throw in some courageous strong willed horse riding women....