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    • Before you start your podcast, you must come up with a reason or goal for why you are doing it (your vision in podcasting). Most people have reasons that fall into one of four categories.

      For your pleasure/hobby or to entertain other people. Are you trying to promote a hobby? Are you trying to provide entertainment to others?To make money. How will you monetize your show? How will you know the right path to take towards monetization? To educate or encourage. If your purpose is to educate and encourage, a good vision will make that possible.To build a brand or promote something else you do. This all requires a clear vision.

      Your vision in podcasting has to be specific to you. If you try to craft a vision that reflects someone else's values, it will be mostly useless to you. Keep it personal and you will be motivated by its contents.

      Motivation is hard to come by at times. An extremely clear vision will provide you with motivation at the times you require it.

      I believe your content should also have a goal. Do you want to get a new job? Do you want to change your lifestyle? Do you want to become the expert in a field? Do you want to connect with others in your niche or start a new community?

      Without reasons and goals, your content will drift around in and out of relevance and quality. This will definitely slow your growth or potentially kill your podcast completely.

      What would you add to this idea of having a goal for your podcast in order to be successful?

    • I would add having a format that is something you're comfortable doing time after time. The podcasts I find myself returning to again and again have found formats that they've honed over time, and those formats strengthen them.

    • Great tip and I would agree that it is part of the vision of the podcast. Sticking to that vision isn't always easy,, but listeners appreciate it.