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      2018 Cake Panels



      I know there have been requests to have all the panels in one topic or, even better, to have a separate timeline just for panels. (@Factotum @paulduplantis what would be your ideal filter options: new, active, interesting, by topic or ?)

      I should stress that *some* of the panels have been added to the topic, Cake Panel.

      I did my best to track down all of the panels from 2018 and put them all in one topic:

      We can easily merge this topic with “Cake Panel,” but for now I want to keep it separate as a complete list for 2018. (Waiting for the first person to find one I missed. 😉)


      A few of my favorites from 2019:


      Kenny Johnson of S.W.A.T., The Shield, Prime Suspect, Sons of Anarchy and more stops by to answer your questions.

      Moderator: @Victoria


      I’ve never watched any of these TV shows, but Kenny Johnson was a really interesting guest. And the questions from his fans were extremely off-the-wall (in a good way).

      I asked an audience question about dealing with rejection as an actor and was blown away by the honesty of his response:

      Personally, here’s my thing: I believe that things that are meant to be in life are gonna happen no matter what. So you prepare and focus for what you see, the path you wanna go on. And whether you’re paid to go on it or not, you work on that path, to get ready for the moment for when you do get hired for something. I grew up with a dad who was abusive in a lot of different ways, and there was so much putting down, me feeling like I wasn’t worth anything anyways, that when I got into the business nothing bothered me, because it didn’t feel worth than what I grew up with, that was normal to me. So I felt like I got nothing to lose. If I get told “no” 1,000 times, it doesn’t phase me, and you can tell me I’m the worst actor in the world or don’t have the look for something because I heard that for years when I was modeling in my early 20s, I went against all that, I ended up working with the biggest agencies and doing the biggest campaigns, despite all the rejections. Same with acting: I got “This guy’s horrible, he can’t act,” and I thought that they can say what they want, but always believed someone would get ME, and my energy. And I’ve been insanely blessed and lucky for the last 20, 21 years. It’s been awesome. 

      The TV shows he’s been in are not to my interests, but if you don't give panels a chance—including for those not in your areas of interest—you’ll miss out on a lot of great stuff like this.



      Tab Murphy, Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Gorillas in the Mist, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Atlantis, Last of the Dogmen and more, stops by to answer your questions.

      Moderators: @Chris, @Victoria


      Amazing audience questions for a writer-director who has been involved in some of the most popular films of the past thirty years.


      Cake Panel: “How to teach Higher Maths to young children”

      Moderator: @StephenL


      A great example of the power of a moderated panel of experts.

    • (@Factotum @paulduplantis what would be your ideal filter options: new, active, interesting, by topic or ?)

      I think that depends on the status and type of these panels.

      Status: Does the panel accept questions or not? Is it still active, or has it run its course months ago?

      Type: Is it a "panel" panel, or is it one of the other kinds of "protected conversations" that we listed in another recent conversation:

      If it is an inactive one, no matter its type, I'm not interested in searching for it in a special section, whether that section a topic or separate feed. The reason here is that a closed panel isn't really different from any other conversation: I can still read it if I'm interested in the topic, but whether it was moderated or not is not something that makes me want to read it any more or less.

      If the conversation is ongoing, it probably depends on its type. If it is an "interview" - or any other panel that doesn't accept my questions - then it would make most sense for me to list this panel separately from those that do accept my questions (and not just technically allow them, meaning that there should still be an active "moderator" selecting audience questions, and an active "expert" interested in replying).

      It seems as if there probably aren't too many of these "ongoing panels" at any moment - so just listing all of them chronologically might work best for the time being. If there will be many concurrent ones later, I'd probably prefer to see those sorted by "interesting".

    • If were up to me I would just place a dedicated link to panels on the top menu (for you, following, featured, panels, all) and keep the active, interesting, new sub filter the same to dig in deeper on panels. I would also tie in the ability choose panel topics. Basically all topics that are tagged within all panels. Not sure where you would place this so as to not complicate the UX. This is a biggy since topics takes up space. It would be cool to see panel topics under Active/Interesting/New/Topics but you would have to list the subtopics or be forced to go to another page. Tough one.

      And I have always wondered about locking users out of panel discussions. Isn't there a way to separate panel discussions from user comments? I remember that debate on excluding users from panels. I do believe it is a worthy debate to continue.