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    • As we moved toward Pakistan-China border on Karakorum Highway, population density dropped considerably. I entered a totally deserted property, it seems there was no one home since long, possibly they migrated during the winter. I spent sometime shooting daytime long exposure until loneliness became overwhelmingly haunting in presence of these beautiful trees that i always wanted to shoot.

    • Wow, I didn't know the highway was also so abundant with plant life! I imagine the Karakoram highway as this intense high-alpine zone far above the trees.

      I went back to my adventure bucket list, that I haven't edited since 2015, and at the top of the list is the Karakoram highway. @Awais, your photography is inspiring me to actually make the journey down the Karakoram. The logistics are what scare me... visas, vehicle, etc.

    • Tree density decreases considerably as you gain height while on KKH. Mostly it is dry and quite intense. Recently there is a boom in tourists inflow with gov policy focused to tourism for past few years. Do let me know if you ever need assistance!