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    • I just posted a new conversation and both a YouTube link and link to an external site refused to show a preview. I know this happens with some websites but I wasn't expecting both of these links to not show previews. Is something broken on the site?

    • Fear not! Cake’s link expander provider was experiencing technical difficulties around noontime Friday in California. No word yet on when they’ll have it fixed, but once it is all those links will beautifully expand as nature intended.

      Of course my reaction upon learning the news from Kevin was a tad more emotional.

    • Thanks, I'm beginning to find Cake less and less attractive by the day, I'll come back if I need to share something with @Chris otherwise it's a waste of my time. You win. I know you want it. I'll leave it all to you and your power games with the few users you keep lined up with the left foot on your drum roll. Of course, you'll delete my last post cause it's not in line with whatever. How dare you delete my conversation? Do you think you can just spit on people simply because you ride on same elevator? I think you have a deeper issue and I for one am not sticking around to find it out.

    • "As a moderator here, I can tell you that deleting an entire conversation is a rarity on Cake unless it’s an obvious troll-fest or spam."

      Can we have clarity on posts being deleted please? @Chris

    • Shay, my reasons for deleting the conversation was to avoid numerous conversations on “Are the links broken?” filling up the timeline. It wasn’t meant to disrespect Drac, although I can certainly understand his reasons for feeling that way.

      I am pinging @Vilen right now to see if he can “undelete” the conversation.

      Again, my intention was to reduce what I perceived was duplication and I truly am sorry if hurt feelings were caused by my deleting it.

    •  feel free to repost the cute dog pic.


      I am not really feeling lIke reposting anything cute anymore. And frankly if it wasn't for Shay posting, I had my finger on the delete account button. And that's not really how soft I am, but I have my priorities and prefer to congregate where bigotry isn't prevalent.

    • feel free to repost the cute dog pic.


      I am not really feeling lIke reposing anything cute anymore. And frankly if t wasn't for Shay post, I had my finger on the delete account button. And that's not really how soft I am, but I have my priorities and prefer to congregate where bigotry isn't prevalent.

      Drac, I’m at a loss as to your accusation of bigotry. I’m not trying to discount your feelings, but I don’t know where you’re coming from.

      It was around twelve thirty at night when I saw your duplicate question appear, which was maybe fifteen minutes after I had just explained in this conversation the answer to your question.

      I honestly thought you just wanted an answer to your question and so I tagged you here with the answers.

      Deleting a duplicate question to the team seemed in the moment an efficient way to avoid having the community click on both conversations.

      If it had happened to me, I would not have had a problem with having my duplicate question deleted.

      But not everyone is going to feel that way. And after reading your posts here, I realize that I shouldn’t have deleted your conversation.

      I’m sorry I deleted it, Drac.

      I’ve been a moderator here since the end of October and I’ve tried my best to treat people here with respect, to be helpful whenever possible, and to avoid causing harm.

      I realize that you may not perceive my actions that way and that you may have reached the point that “life’s too short to have to deal with this shit.”

      I don’t think I can convince you to stay, and I know in the past year that you’ve thought about and expressed leaving Cake multiple times.

      But I do think you get a lot out of being on Cake. I read everything posted on Cake and I get the sense that your Guzzi thread of road trip photos is something you really enjoy sharing. I also know your recent conversation on love got some meaningful discussion that was an enjoyable read for many here. And I think there are plenty of other conversations of interest to you that you would miss out on if you left Cake for good.

      I know emojis can be misinterpreted, and that the eye wink I shared may have come across as intending offense, but please know that was never my intent. We have good naturedly kidded with each other in the past and I was trying to come across as friendly with my reply. But again, I can see how you could assume the worst intent if you thought my emoji was meant to cause offense.

    • What really made me stay are the people, those few who posted truthful even trivial messages. We're not perfect, we're not bots, we have a lot of redundancy too. I would not have minded you deleting my conversation after explaining your rationale in an answer there, or better moving it to the "main" one representing that topic. I don't know you and am trying to be as transparent as I can concerning the matters at hand, yet you surprise my again with your actions and statements such as the one in a previous conversation where you said you thought I wanted to leave, but my perception, and not only mine, was that as if you were trying to plant that thought as if coming from me.. Not cool. And am certain you'd feel relief if I did leave the Cake. Look, if you say you say it here in the open I promise I'l never come back, and delete my account. Which is kind of a joke, no? I mean Cake already has all my posts..

    • You are right, I should have been transparent in explaining my rationale up front for why I deleted your conversation: it certainly would’ve avoided much of the misunderstanding and harm done. In reading your posts here, I realize the truth of that now but it was not evident to me before.

      My perception of your wanting to leave previously was based on thoughts you had shared, but my memory of our previous conversation on this was that you weren’t leaving but considering it. If I misunderstood your meaning, then I stand corrected.

      As you’ve said, we don’t know each other so it’s hard to see into each other’s souls for true intent. Perhaps I was viewing your comments from my own mindset. In case you may have forgotten, last year I left Cake for good, but then returned after a four month absence. So rather than wanting to plant in your mind the idea of leaving, I may have viewed your comments through my own lens of reality.

      But learning the truth involves knowing the subconscious.

    • And am certain you'd feel relief if I did leave the Cake. Look, if you say you say it here in the open I promise I'l never come back, and delete my account. Which is kind of a joke, no? I mean Cake already has all my posts..

      Sorry, saw that you had edited your post and added this after I had replied to your original message. Below is my response to this.


      You ask a serious question and ask for honesty and so I give it to you here.

      I think it’s beneficial to make the effort to understand people that see the world differently than you do. I think you learn a lot more from people who have different perspectives than if you surround yourself with only people who think the same as you do.

      It can be messy as hell, however, and far from easy sometimes, but in the end I think it’s worth it.

      I think Cake is about fostering fascinating conversations and building community, and I think that you’ve played a part in creating both and have gotten a lot of positives from your involvement.

      So although you are offering me the opportunity to end whatever frustrations you think I may have from our interactions, I think it’s beneficial to both of us, as well as to Cake, if you stay.

    • But learning the truth involves knowing the subconscious.

      I'll share a story, part o my life as child, that I think resonates with above excerpt of your post.

      When I started riding a bicycle, used to love going as far I could. One of my favorite routes was passing by a cemetery, and I dreaded that part. But it also annoyed and intrigued the hell out of me because of the fear I was feeling. So one evening, me and a friend I convinced to come along, rode into the cemetery, dismounted our bikes and just waited for dark to come! I can't really describe what we felt fighting our fears, but can tell you that a deer that came through the forested area almost had me have a heart attack. When I realized what was the cause of the apparition, I felt like having discovered another world! One where I was in control of my own impulses and internal fears. I've never stopped using what I learned in that experience in my entire life.

    • Yesterday, over at, where I cover Cal hoops, I deleted a post by my publisher after seeing that he had posted the same thing I had. I posted a link to an article about a recruit on our message boards and after posting, I noticed that he had posted that exact same article. I deleted his thread since we didn't need two threads that were both dedicated to the same article. I also provided more analysis and insight on the recruit whereas he only posted a link to the article. So, I felt it was better to keep what I had written up.

      I didn't want to permanently delete his post, so I deleted it with a hidden from view option that allows me to give a reason for why I deleted. Under reason it was deleted, I wrote: "Duplicate post."

      I think if posts are going to be deleted on Cake, they should fall under the category of being a duplicate that addresses a particular question for moderators of the site. I feel that's what @StephenL did in this case. No need to have two threads going about why links aren't working.

      Now, what I do think, is it makes sense to let people know why their thread got deleted since on the surface, it doesn't feel good to have something you wrote get deleted. As long as there is transparency on that end, I think it's fine to delete a conversation. The other option would be to merge the conversations into one, though I don't think that's possible to do on Cake.

      Lastly, I personally am glad to have @Dracula on Cake! Dracula has added a lot to our community! So please stay and continue to bring your unique takes and perspectives!

    • Lastly, I personally am glad to have @Draculaon Cake! Dracula has added a lot to our community! So please stay and continue to bring your unique takes and perspectives!

      amen 🙏

    • After complaining about forum software for a few years, I have newfound respect for it after rolling our own with Cake. There is such a mind-blowing list of things forum software has built-in and I didn't appreciate how hard they are to create: merging threads, soft deleting with a customized note that gets sent to whomever's post got soft deleted, the ability to restore them if needed, the ability to process images on your own and link expansions without having to depend on a third party...

      Now I can see why Twitter and Facebook have thousands of engineers. Instagram is relatively simple, but they have 500ish, I hear.

      One of the services we depend on is Embedly, owned by Medium. They depend on Amazon. It's a cascading list of failures and here's the status:

    • That's a very elegant approach to sweeten this little conflict of personalities. For the "record" (ahem!!...whatever that means around here) I wasn't given any warnings or fair indication like usually happened when other of my posts were deleted. Just a post in another thread, with a snarky remark at my dogs meme picture posted, leaving the clear impression everything else I had posted was considered "junk". Which is really what I think happened, that when you give power to someone they may use it for personal preference, unless that's the company line (which I refuse to believe and is reason why am still here).

      Just to be clear, me and @StephenL are truly just two strangers poking each other with text and images (sometimes wrongfully interpreted mental ones) over the internet. I respect and even kind of "love" him perhaps, (as any unknown human being I like to get to know) but I also hate his actions when I find them abusive. Now to settle this matter I request nothing less than giving me the ability to delete one of his panels I may find offensive and useless. 🤡

      Peace and love to all Cakers!

    • I just saw the conversation saying that the link previews are 100% fixed - I couldn't post in that thread so I'll continue this one.

      While some of the photos I posted using links earlier are now showing, this one is not:

      Also, links I posted to a youtube video and to an article in The Atlantic still show as links without the preview.


      Very interesting, photo shows now but it lagged the 3 others it was posted with in the thread where I first noted the problem.