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    • I love that!

      I actually had one butterfly land on my shoe and insist on walking around with me. I had to get one of the staff to nudge him off of my shoe - I was afraid it would get crushed it it stayed there and I kept walking.

    • I'm glad you found it!

      I love butterflies too, and while I love to try to capture them outside I feel lucky to have a butterfly conservatory within a somewhat reasonable drive from home.

    • The Zoo in Indianapolis has a butterfly conservatory - called the Butterfly Kaleidoscope - about an hour from my home or so, too. I should go more often too.

      Our readers should be aware that carrying an open camera in from outside in the cold winter air, into the warm, humid 80+ºF butterfly arena, can cause your cameras optical surfaces to be covered with fog or condensation, and that it can take some time to evaporate before one can see to photograph. DAMHIK. 😝

      It is always prudent to keep your cold camera covered, or inside you coat or camera bag, and let it warm more slowly to avoid condensation on your optical surfaces when you enter warm humid areas, like butterfly conservatories. . AND DO NOT open the camera body to change lenses, lest one get condensation on the surface of the sensor, in the warm humid air.