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    • Apparently, it has a motor to change the angle of the panels as the sun’s position changes throughout the day.

      According to the video, 60% of the world population does not own a roof.

      Do you believe the claim that ⬇️ can meet 70% of an apartment’s electricity needs?

    • Ideally, probably. For most people, probably not. Video puts the output at 100W pre square meter, at peak (which is probably Sun perpendicular to the panel, clear skies). Considering that Sun's motion is predominantly left-to-right, not up-down, adjusting the vertical angle of the blinds doesn't get you that much better insolation. Realistically you'd probably get a fraction of that full 100W. Furthermore, pulling numbers out of thin air, I'd be surprised if a typical apartment has more than 10 square meters of South-facing windows.

      So, I'd probably expect less than 1kW of electricity for a typical apartment, which would be nowhere close to 70% of electricity needs.

      Still, depending on the price, it might be worthwhile.