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    • My primary machine is a Windows laptop, but my phone is Android, my iPad is iOS and my wife's laptop is OS-X. Oh, and my router runs Linux (and so does yours, probably). Each of these machines is quite good at what it does and none could replace all the others.

    • If was just me using it, Linux
      I love free stuff.
      And you can upgrade the entire OS and all the programs on it in half the time it takes to do an average windows update.
      But I find others (my wife) struggle with the shift to using an entire new suite of apps so it's just easier to stick to windows must of the time😒

    • Yeah, I don't understand why the OP limits the choice to Chrome, Win and Apple. A few years ago I had a local school in the Caribbean to set up with some donated computers. They all needed to look alike to the students and I wanted some free educational software for them. No brainer: Ubuntu. I could set it to talk to me in English for setup, then switch it to Spanish for the kids to use. Try doing that with Windows! And free stuff - not on Apple I think. They were not reliably internet-connected, so I did not even look at Chrome. I have never regretted the choice of Ubuntu for those computers and now my home machines are also all Ubuntu.