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    • After so much care, and social distancing i don't know how i got it! got my result yesterday. I only feel slight loss of breath when doing some exertion or when taking very deep breath (getting better day by day). What i felt was extreme tiredness last week after taking cold shower, and for that i consulted the doctor and he discovered some findings and then recommended lungs xray which showed some covid related issue.

      I am still wondering from where i got this thing seems its is already spread through out populations as more and more families report falling sick all together some recovering without much issues. I think it 13th day with this bug i wonder how many days it will take to completely get rid of it, self isolation is torturous :(

    • Hope you get better soon. Do you have any theories as to where you contracted the virus from? Any close contact with others who also have it? If you were practising social distancing (and I assume wearing a mask) it could've been from a contaminated surface (though direct transmission is still more likely).

    • actually people who i met in past few weeks are all fine including some elderly relatives. Nor i came close to any sick person or stranger. I always use mask when going out and use hand sanitizers and even try to clean groceries before entering home. It seems like surface transferred from some public space i.e driver through, atm etc. or could be my brother who might have carried it from somewhere.

    • Wow, Awais, I’m so sorry to hear but at least it sounds like you are on the mend. But Covid-related issues with your lungs? Does that mean scarring?

      It sounds like Pakistan is getting hit pretty hard.

    • Thanks Chris. My Doc says it is mild issue in lungs and recovers in a day or two. I feel much better, i hope my immune system has defeated the virus, i have appointment for Monday and i will go through xray and blood tests to see if there is an improvement.

      Indeed Pakistan's numbers are increasing quite fast, and since government and people totally lost it i guess actual cases should be 100 times more than what are reported.

    • I am so glad to hear you are on the mend.

      I am sorry to hear about your misfortune, but I actually think if we each knew we would have a very mild, non-deadly experience, many of us, myself included, would just like to get on with our lives, and put this illness behind us.

      Get well soon, Awais!

      As an aside, I now have two friends who I know are positive , although I have not been near either of them for several months.

      This pandemic is real, and in all our communities, all around us.

      Be safe and get well soon.

    • I am so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. Were tiredness and shortness of breath your only symptoms?

      I have very much enjoyed the beautiful photos you have posted here in the past.

    • After looking at my xray, Doc was so sure that it was due to covid-19. Almost every patient that evening was going through xray with more or less similar xray results. I confirmed his findings by going through PCR nasalswab test and it came positive.

    • I didn’t either, but I guess if there is enough lung inflammation then they test. In my area they routinely do lung x-rays in flu patients to check for pneumonia and last winter my wife got significant lung scarring from her bout with the flu according to her x-rays.