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    • Up until last weekend, I was pretty much sold on carrying with me Sony A7s. With a fixed 55mm prime lens it creates a nice bokeh and shots in low light like nothing else.

      Well... over the holidays I got a new iPhone X and it totally upended my thinking. I previously had iPhone 6 Plus and loved it for many years. But the iPhone X with dual camera lenses and Portrait mode is simply mind blowing. I‘ve shot close to 800 photos and videos over the Thanksgiving weekend in all kinds of conditions and lighting.

      By the end of the weekend I’ve shot maybe 10 photos with my Sony camera and it was just hanging on my side all that time. I just didn’t think a tiny phone camera can capture portraits like this:

    • So good to see you here, Duc!

      Agreed on the iPhones @VilTri. On convenience to image quality ratio, nothing beats the iPhone X.

      The A7RII and A7RIII are pretty amazing. They beat just about everything out there but they don't quite fit in your pocket. For a little more weight than an iPhone X you get top of the line pro quality.

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