I tend to contribute two types of stories:

(1) personal experiences often related to my work as an entrepreneur and angel investor, and

(2) comments on important news that isn’t widely covered or appreciated.

The contribution I'm highlighting is of the first type, based on advice I have been giving informally to entrepreneurs raising their first round of angel capital.

What made this story a good one to share publicly on Cake?

As an angel investor, I review anywhere from 25 to 50 pitch decks per month and most of them suck.  So, I wanted to post in a public forum what I think are the elements of a great
pitch deck so that I can share that link with entrepreneurs who approach me for investment or advice.

I posted a link to this post on LinkedIn and it has received quite a lot of likes and comments by entrepreneurs, which was nice since I rarely post on LinkedIn.

How long did it take to create this?

This post took some hours to compose, spread out over several weeks.  Once I decided to share my thoughts on pitch decks, it took a bit of writing and editing to distill it down into something cogent and quickly digestible by entrepreneurs.

What’s your typical writing process?

I typically conceive of a topic and jot a few notes in a Word file and then expand upon that over a few days as thoughts begin to gel.  “Land and expand” as they say in venture capital circles.

For longer posts, I am a big fan of writing a draft, setting it aside for a day or two, and then subsequently editing it once or twice before I post.  When editing, I try to make my point as simply and quickly as possible.

Finally, I try to keep paragraphs short so readers can quickly scan and absorb my posts, newspaper-style as it were.

What specific advice do you have for prospective creators?

Post what you know about.  I think your personal experiences are more interesting than opinion.

Add a little humor whenever possible.  While humor does not always translate well on
the Internet, it can keep posts from sounding too pedantic.

Include pictures and article links if possible. A picture is worth a thousand words even on a text-oriented site like Cake!