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    • I must admit our Honda Accord has better blind spot detection/indication than our Tesla. Being a version 1 autopilot the Tesla only has the ultrasonic parking sensors for the blind spot. You can't really trust them at all. The Honda has a radar on both ends of the rear bumper (I think). It will also give an audible indication if there is a vehicle in the blind spot when the blinkers are enabled.

    • Now that's a great endorsement for Tesla! Sounds like I may need to buy a convertible one when they finally come out with one in a few years. Even without full autopilot I bet I could do quite a bit more photography while driving around in one with autopilot.

    • Thomas, you would have gotten a kick out of this photoshoot. We opened the side door of a minivan and your buddy Ivan shot this of @VilTri while I drove the van. Maybe I should drive you around SF or Oakland sometime while you shoot.

      I used to drive Anton Lorimer around in an SUV with the hatch open so he could hang out the back and film a Ferrari on a twisting road, similar to how you shot @Scobleizer on the bridge.