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    • a lot of little things I noticed on that trip that made me skeptical about ever being able to trust it to operate without supervision.

      Yep. Mine has the original autopilot -- late 2014. The radar/software pretty much ignores static objects. I fully understand how that Model S ran into a parked fire truck a while back. It wasn't moving. But once the Tesla sees movement it does a pretty good job of following. Too good, sometimes. It seems to give more weight to what the car in front of you is doing than lane markers.

      Has version 9 improved things for cars with autopilot II?

    • Has version 9 improved things for cars with autopilot II?

      I've only had the new version for about a week, but it does seem improved.

      It's much more aware of the cars around it now, and it can see many more lanes on wide highways. Autopilot seems pretty sure of itself, is more confident about changing lanes, and feels smoother in stop and go traffic. And the new visual warning when you turn the blinker on while someone's in your blind spot is nice, although I wish there were also an audible warning.

    • I must admit our Honda Accord has better blind spot detection/indication than our Tesla. Being a version 1 autopilot the Tesla only has the ultrasonic parking sensors for the blind spot. You can't really trust them at all. The Honda has a radar on both ends of the rear bumper (I think). It will also give an audible indication if there is a vehicle in the blind spot when the blinkers are enabled.

    • Now that's a great endorsement for Tesla! Sounds like I may need to buy a convertible one when they finally come out with one in a few years. Even without full autopilot I bet I could do quite a bit more photography while driving around in one with autopilot.

    • Thomas, you would have gotten a kick out of this photoshoot. We opened the side door of a minivan and your buddy Ivan shot this of @VilTri while I drove the van. Maybe I should drive you around SF or Oakland sometime while you shoot.

      I used to drive Anton Lorimer around in an SUV with the hatch open so he could hang out the back and film a Ferrari on a twisting road, similar to how you shot @Scobleizer on the bridge.