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    • a lot of little things I noticed on that trip that made me skeptical about ever being able to trust it to operate without supervision.

      Yep. Mine has the original autopilot -- late 2014. The radar/software pretty much ignores static objects. I fully understand how that Model S ran into a parked fire truck a while back. It wasn't moving. But once the Tesla sees movement it does a pretty good job of following. Too good, sometimes. It seems to give more weight to what the car in front of you is doing than lane markers.

      Has version 9 improved things for cars with autopilot II?

    • Now that's a great endorsement for Tesla! Sounds like I may need to buy a convertible one when they finally come out with one in a few years. Even without full autopilot I bet I could do quite a bit more photography while driving around in one with autopilot.