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    • The facts as I understand things.

      1991, Anita Hill accuses Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in the workplace and agrees to testify during Thomas’s Senate confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court justice.

      During the hearing, several senators verbally attack Hill.

      Joe Biden chaired the hearing and is blamed by many for the way Hill was treated.

      Almost thirty years later, and within a month of his announcement to run for President, Joe Biden calls Anita Hill to share “his regret for what she endured” [1].

      On the day Biden announces that he is running, Anita Hill issues a statement that she rejects his words, saying that it isn’t an apology [1].

      The current President has made it a policy to never apologize or admit that you’re wrong: he believes it makes you look weak in the eyes of the public.

      Should Joe Biden formally apologize to Anita Hill?

      Or is it a better political strategy for his campaign to maintain the “regret for what she endured” message?

      [1] Anita Hill rejects Biden apology

    • It wouldn’t hurt for Biden to apologize to Hill directly, say he made a mistake, and if he could do it over, he would do things differently. No harm in saying that, imo.

    • Too little, too late.

      The woman’s life was shredded. There is no way Biden could make amends. An apology (especially one that coincides with declaring candidacy) is such a small scale and tardy response compared to the damage done... IMHO, it would come across as more of a travesty than a kindness.