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    • Your image conjures up more formal meditation than what I practice, but several years ago I came across the idea in Miracle Morning and ever since I’ve regularly used a brief meditation (~5 minutes... any longer and I fall asleep 😝) to quiet my mind and bring some peace into a crazy day.

      Previously I tended to pray when I was feeling tense, but I find often in those moments, I don’t really want to talk to anyone or ask for help, I simply want to quiet my mind.

      I’ve fallen out of the habit of encouraging meditation with my kids, but your post was a good nudge to start that again. I think meditation comes really naturally to me (and to them) when we are out in nature but it had to be a conscious practice when our day doesn’t include that time outside.

    • Hi Saeed and welcome to Cake!

      I saw your retweets about how hustle porn (crazy pursuit of relentless long hours) is insane. I'm pretty fascinated by the people who swear by meditation such as Tim Ferriss and Ray Dalio, but I'm reluctant to try and fit one more thing in the day because I have a routine I love: I run & bike on alternate days while immersed in audio books. It gets my mind completely off the troubles of the day, I get in shape, have fun and read a lot of extra books a year.

      It seems like every happy, achieving person has something to unwind: TV at night, the dishes, yoga, family dinners... Does meditation really trump those? Or do we need to just insert 20 minutes of meditation in the morning in addition to the other stuff?

    • I do. Not 100% of the cases, there are days when I miss a beat. Similar to @amacbean16 - I sit down for 5 mins. I count my breaths and quiet my mind. I do think it soothes me, preps me for the day. And 5 minutes isn't that much anyway. What helps me is to have a link to an app or meditating music on my Smartphone's primary screen as a reminder

    • Hi Chris - thank you! We're beginning to see a shift from a culture of hustle to one of wellness. Hustle porn and the people who encourage it will be on their way out.

      I've had the opportunity to meet Ray and he's very calm and collective perhaps this is because of meditation.

      In someways those practices of unwinding could be considered meditative but are more of "associated" flow states, meaning you're in the zone but not aware of the chatter in your mind.

      Meditation is more of an active process of being aware of the chatter in your mind at its very core. There's many ways to achieve this result and various time intervals but 18 minutes is recommended. There are also many forms of meditation such as Zen, Buddhist, and lineages such as the Kriya Yoga lineage of which I share.

    • Oh yes and I absolutely love it!

      I use meditation to help me deal with business problems, help me relax, get creative and even sleep. There are so many ways to meditate without this strict 'formal' view of sitting cross-legged and chanting OM. I swear by the benefits of meditation since incorporating it into my daily life. :)

    • Thanks @Chris - honestly if you're totally new to meditation use one of the free meditation apps out there. I'm actually on InsightTimer which has 1000's of different types of meditations available and you can just plug in and listen and done! It really is that easy :) let me know how you get on.

    • Thanks for the welcome :) I'd try to tie different habits together, e.g. with daily gratefulness practice, affirmations or prayer, strengthening this with reminders. A decent tool like Insight Timer does help in my case as it adds a touch of community, which helps

    • I have had a daily practice at some times of my life but not recently. I haven't usually had an easy time with mental meditation techniques -- not that it has to be easy! -- but physical techniques, from yoga to some sorts of dancing, seem to work to still my monkey-mind and get me existing in a single moment.

      It's probably a good time to think about starting up a meditation practice -- with so much chaos and rage in the world, having a still inner place is all the more important.