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    • This is a video recording of a livestreamed show from last night.

      First, let me point out that the people who are running this video are not typical of the majority of the churches which call themselves churches of Christ. The men whose faces appear in the video oppose what is called "institutionalism" which is supported by the so-called "mainstream" churches.

      (This is also not about the United Church of Christ or the International Churches of Christ (AKA: The Boston Movement)

      With that caveat, if you have ever heard anyone railing against churches of Christ or using the derogatory term "Campbellites", you may find that this video dispels some of the false allegations which are made.

    • This is the second week of the series which began with the video which I linked last week.

      The following video is from a livestream which aired on February 11, 2021