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    • cvdavis

      What did I miss? When did tights start being called leggings and why? I always thought leggings were those things that slid up over the lower legs. Maybe those are leg warmers... Idk

    • HeatherE

      I usually call tights opaque hosiery with feet. Leggings are thicker and footless. I wear a lot of leggings because they are comfortable and multi purpose. I can wear them under a skirt or dress if I am wearing boots. I wear them as an underlayer with jeans. I wear them as pants with long shirts and hoodies. I do not every make the too thin legging mistake.
      Tights are reserved for wearing with dresses or skirts when I cannot wear boots.

    • cvdavis

      Good description and I see how they're called that now but here in Canada people used to call leggings tights. Not sure why.

    • eeyore1583

      haha the”too thin legging mistake” 🤣

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