The company which is now Moderna, Inc. was started in 2010—but in spite of all its efforts it never brought a product to market until 2020.

The only product which Moderna has is its Covid-19 vaccine product.

It is no where near as large as many other pharmaceutical companies.

Yet the two academicians interviewed tonight on NPR's "On Point" with Meghna Chakrabarti want the US government to take away the patent and intellectual property rights of Moderna and compel the Moderna company to train other companies in other countries to produce their vaccine without any royalties or license fees.

So in spite of all the research and energy that this company accomplished in less than 12 months, Madhavi Sunder and Rachel Silverman want the Biden administration to stab the Moderna company in the back and take away their intellectual rights to the only product they have yet to bring to market.

On a side note: Whatever happened to the word "inoculation?"