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    • Biden's lead has expanded in Pennsylvania and Georgia, holding steady in Arizona and Nevada. Races haven't been called yet by CNN, but this one is basically over. Biden's gonna win. Just a matter of finding out when it all becomes official.

      The key thing to look for is whether Biden can escape the automatic recount zone in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Odds are good he will in Pennsylvania. Georgia, we'll see. But yeah, Biden's basically got this.

    • Yeah, the electoral college is highly controversial. I'm glad it's going to pull through for Biden, but there needs to be a serious discussion about getting rid of it. Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen.

    • At least D.C. can vote in the general election. I think Puerto Rico and the other territories should be given three collective electoral votes. It wouldn't be much, but it would like giving them what D.C. has.

    • I'm honestly not sure if D.C. should be given statehood. It's too small of a geographic region, imo. I think them being given three electoral votes is good enough.

      What I do want to see is what I said above: The U.S. territories Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. given three collective electoral votes.

    • We should get rid of electoral votes altogether. A simple popular vote for President will solve all of those issues and more. There is no reason for a vote in Wyoming (or DC) to count more than anyone else's vote.

    • Do you know about National Popular Vote?

      The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (Explanation). It has been enacted into law by 15 states and DC with 196 electoral votes (Map of states). It needs an additional 74 electoral votes to go into effect.

      If anyone thinks this is really off topic let me know and I will remove the post. It just seems to fit...

    • That was seriously interesting. I even read some of the comments. I dunno why Trump being a celeb — and celebs having so much of a hold on Americans — never really registered with me. I guess I just thought the Aporentice isn’t a show his base would watch, and if you did watch it, as I did for a season, you’d know it was just play acting.

      This comment, tho:

    • Now let’s wipe his name off of all news reports. I hope it’s a peaceful transition and Biden can find a way to lift all Americans. The outcome was much too close and Democrats have to figure out why. What to do with all the lying and misinformation spread by republicans? What to do with gerrymandering? What to do with those who are struggling to make ends meet? I’d love to celebrate but it was much too close a result even though he’s won by over 4 million votes. Looking forward to visiting the USA again soon :)

    • Now can we have Obama be Secretary of State? I see he’s still the most popular politician and most respected man in the world.

    • More drawn out than close, Biden could end up with over 300 electoral votes. Hopefully these States will adopt the rules/procedures followed by Florida which had the races called by around 9PM on election day.

    • America and the world NEEDED this outcome. Huge. Good on Biden & Harris for running a really good campaign. Better than the one Hillary ran.

    • Pennsylvania is the state that tipped it over for Biden/Harris. 273-213 Biden wins. Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina are yet to be finalized. Biden leads in Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia at the moment.

    • Perhaps a big help, if AZ holds for Biden then it will undermine any of Trump's efforts in PA to undermine the vote counting there. The courts will be even less inclined to get involved if it won't change the outcome anyway.

    • Have you ever studied what happens when a country has only one effective political party?

      It is likely that the Democratic party will secure both the Presidency and the House. There is also a possibility that the Georgia run-off election will result in the Democratic party also controlling the Senate.

      You apparently are so anti-Republican that you've not considered what the long term consequences would be to this country if either party became so ineffective that the other one could rule completely unhindered. Based on what has happened in other countries and what also happened many years ago in this country, I personally prefer a country in which neither party can take their power for granted and in which the voters can eject either party when the voters get upset.

    • You apparently are so anti-Republican

      I would have voted for Jon Huntsman! Give us an honest and capable Republican like George H.W. Bush or McCain, and most people would feel differently. Anti-Trump is not the same as anti-Republican.

    • Chris,

      I was not writing about anything which you wrote nor did the context have anything at all to do with Donald Trump. I've told you repeatedly I've never been a supporter of the candidacies of Donald Trump.

      Another person responded to a comment I had made by saying "DC statehood would add two Democratic senators to help balance an unrepresentative Senate."

      It was to that statement that I made the comment which I did.

      Donald Trump has NOTHING to do with the subject of whether DC should be given statehood.

      My earlier comment had stated that if the residential section of DC was separated from the governmental section of DC that statehood would be workable or that the residential section could be made a part of Maryland.