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    • Every day my dog comes and gets me in my office around 5 p.m. to feed her. After we all eat dinner she will come bug me to play fetch.

      She also wakes me up if I'm not out of bed to feed her by 7 a.m.

      Always, like clockwork. Does anyone else have funny behaviors or routines that their dogs do?

    • Our pug will sleep on every soft surface he can find around the house. Including fresh clean laundry. 🤦‍♂️

    • My housemate just got a 7-week-old pug. Unfortunately this is routine, and the pug likes it because she gets attention.

    • And the other, Butters the labrador, he is just an all around good guy who likes to pretend he's human and sits on chairs:

    • Our dog has to run around the house scooping things up in his mouth when we come home. At least 3 things, sometimes 4, 5 if they can fit. So many prizes to bring us.

    • Sometimes things can get tense when there are cats and dogs around. Arya isn't generally willing to expose her sides or back to cats, since they might swipe here. So she can get stuck when trying to navigate the hallways.

    • This is Juno, a mix of pretty much everything, rescued from under a porch in Alabama with her littermates who are all much larger and resemble labs. She likes to pretend she’s me and does everything I do, including sitting on the back step on a sunny day.