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    • Wow - time flies when you're having fun, and the multi-billion dollar syndicated force known as the TV show SEINFELD has been having fun on the airwaves for... 30 years?! As per Rolling Stone:

      The first episode of Seinfeld aired on July 5th, 1989 under the show name, The Seinfeld Chronicles. Without a lot of buzz or a marquee star, the show, about a group of friends living in New York, failed to find a following in its early seasons, though it was beloved by television critics, many of whom felt the show’s subversive humor and seemingly non sequitur storylines marked a welcome contrast to the slapstick sitcoms airing at that time. After a test run of only five episodes — one of the shortest first season orders of any show in history — Seinfeld was eventually renewed and given a prime Thursday night slot, a spot it would occupy — and help anchor — for the rest of its nine season run.

      While I (and other fans) await the opening of "The Seinfeld Experience" popup here in New York City this Fall, it's mindblowing to think back on all the pop-culture phrases, jokes and ideas that SEINFELD introduced over the years.

      From the infamous "puffy shirt," currently on display in the National Museum of American History...

      to the answering machine message by George...

      To Festivus, which has become an honest-to-goodness holiday (*yes, I've gone to friend's Festivus parties)...

      There are so many catchphrases that have entered the pop culture lexicon thanks to the show. Will you be visiting any of the iconic locations or celebrating the 30th anniversary?

    • of the shortest first season orders of any show in history....

      Clearly the writer is unaware of the existence of British shows

    • Wow....I consider myself a Seinfeld aficionado....I remember watching the last 3 seasons religiously and it was so damn funny. Then, in Alaska....the NBC nightly news came on at 10pm and then Seinfeld and EVERYONE stayed up for the Seinfeld reruns. I mean I watched the reruns for the entire almost 8 years I lived up there. Now, when I watch the first couple of seasons, those episodes seems so contrived....but, the personalities really matured in the last 3 seasons. Jerry got so crazy rich and the other cast members probably never HAVE TO work a day for the rest of their lives. "Elaine" was almost able to leave her brand with all the other success she has had, but "Kramer" and "George" I think are typecast forever.

      When Jason Alexander was hired as the new somewhat creepy Colonel Sander KFC ads, even though they basically hid his every physical feature, it was still "George".

      Has anyone seen the TWO episodes of Comedians Getting Coffee where Jerry "interviews" Michael Richards? The 1st time he was obviously still angry at himself and the court of public opinion for his racial outburt onstage. The second episode it seems he came to terms with how he messed up.

      So many groundbreaking episodes but the masturbation episode blew everyone's mind for just the simple discussion. But, the brilliance was including "Elaine" and her fall from the Castle over Kennedy Jr. and then tying in Marla the Virgin...hahahahah