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    • Yes @Pathfinder I’ve been using the 60d for years for that reason, I’ve tried my 5dmk4 but with out the articulated screen it’s no fun lining it all up so quickly went back to the 60d.

      The R5 is overkill for these so down the track I’ll probably pension of the 60d for an R6.

    • I didn't manage to find any Fungi to shoot today, Bit of rain overnight as well, but that didn't help today, so one from last week in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan.

    • No Shrooms to be found again this week, Even after a bit of rain on Wednesday I thought I'd find a few but not to be found this week. So one from the other week.

    • Manages to find a few Mushrooms in the Australian Botanic Gardens to shoot this week, so here's one from today. Not the normal ones I find there so always good to get something different.