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    • The caps crack like that usually frorm the expansion where the body under the skin expands to quick for the skin to keep up, usually from rain which is something we haven't seen here for a while again. Local Bushfires was the total news tonight, nothing else no sport, no other news, over 150 houses gone so far three lives lost and five still missing with more expected as they start to search houses when safe to do so. No a good start and its still only spring here, Tuesday is shaping up to be a shocker with temps back to 40 Dec C here agian, No rain in sight here in the coming weeks.

    • No Mushrooms about again today, still dry and warm out and about today, so another one from my archives. The good news is the archives are rather large, so no shortage of older shots that haven't been seen here to come.

    • Jeez, Glenn, I am so sorry to Hear about the fires. Last night I watched a Netflix documentary on the Paradise fire where some friends lived a few hours from us. Oh my God. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a curse to be an earth scientist and watch what’s happening. I suppose it’s like being a mechanic and seeing a car run low on motor oil. A normal person might say, hmmm, my car isn’t running well, maybe it needs a new air filter? But the mechanic imagines what is happening inside the engine.

      On a cheerier note, there are these gems!! I wish I could see them someday:

    • Even with all the heat down here, today I managed to find a few Mushrooms to shoot, So there's always hope. Each saturday I go out and see what I can find, most weeks I'm lucky of late not so but this week found a couple.

    • Got lucky with these two mushrooms that are growing right in front of my front porch. @Chris stopped by my house the other day and pointed them out to me. I took a few this morning and processed them in Lightroom to brush up on long neglected editing skills.

    • Oh wow. Always good when find them at home. I’ve had a few here at times. It usually means I can spend more time playing with different angles and lighting. Funny how it often takes someone else to find something like this in your own garden. Great find and nicely done, Always good to get down low like you have for this shot. Nice one.